Vue.JS Training Course in Chennai

Vue.JS Training Course in Chennai
Vue.JS Training Course in Chennai 3 Months

Vue.JS Training Course

Course Information

  • PlaceChennai,INDIA
  • Total Students5-Students to 15-Students (Per batch)
  • Course Duration3 Months


Vue.js was developed in the year of 2013 by Evan You a former employee of Google. Vue.js is basically a library that focuses on the view model. In this way the library is not a full-blown framework and it is designed to be a view layer that is simple and flexible. Recently it has been used by a number of Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and Alibaba. Despite the limited support from its closed community of Vue.js developers, it is easily matching with the products of Google and Facebook which are powered by Angular.js and React.js. Getting started with Vue.js is easy as the source code is readable and unnecessary plugins are not required.

Why learn Vue.js?

  • Vue.js is lightweight and easy to learn

  • Flexible and allows customization

  • Quickly productive

  • Coding in vue.js is very readable

  • Benefits of Vue.js training

  • Small size

  • Simple and easy to integrate

  • Flexible and easy to develop

  • Allows two-way communication

  • What does Senelda offer in training for Vue.js?

    Senelda is one of the leading vue.js training institutes in Chennai. Training is given by an expert panel faculty who have experience in Vue.js development. We at Senelda believe in providing the students with a more practical and hands-on approach. Hence students are given freedom to work on live projects. We have slowly earned the reputation as one of the premium Vue.js training institutes in Chennai due to our world-class lab facilities and consistent modern training methods.

    Who is suitable for this Vue.Js training course in Chennai?

    Vue.js is relatively new, however, is growing fast in demand due to it’s relatively easy and simple functionality. Any developer who have an interest in learning new frameworks is eligible for this program.

    Openings for Work in Vue.js

    Due to its simple and easy customization features it is currently on the rise across the World endless opportunities wait for these students. In an event where you need to find employment 100% support will be provided by Senelda.

    Why should you choose Senelda for Vue.js training course in Chennai?

  • 24/7 Lab facilities with students given complete access to all the modern features

  • Course content is designed according to the Current market

  • Flexible and economical payment system

  • Freedom to practice on Live projects

  • One on one attention will be given by instructors

  • Guided by certified Industry experts with more than 10 years of experience in javascript development

  • Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic Vue.js Training 15 Days
    2. Advanced Vue.js Training 1 Months
    3. Real Time project Training 5 Days
    4. Real time project 1 Month 10 Days