Software Testing Training Course in Chennai

Software Testing Training Course in Chennai
Software Testing Training Course in Chennai 3 Months

Software Testing Training Course

Course Information

  • PlaceChennai, INDIA
  • Total Students5 Students (Per batch)
  • Course Duration3 Months


Software testing training in chennai will help you get a careeer in software development industry. Lets see a small introduction about software testing. It is a process of validating a computer system or program to determine whether it stays in line with certain stipulated requirements and renders the expected results. Simply put, you identity errors and bugs, if any, in a product or project and help to nullify those via QA sessions. Now, Software testing has become one of most commonly followed technical process for the application or product implementation. The stream has attained prominence with businesses understanding how well a structured testing operation can increase the final throughput. Also, a condition has been reached where it would be merely impossible to imagine application or product implementations without proper testing. In concurrence, the demand for skilled software testers has risen tremendously.

What exactly does an organization want from a software tester?

The demand is growing and so is the call for them to master the latest of techniques and tools. Along with tools and techniques, developing a clear understanding of the software is equally important. Industries are looking for professionally trained software testers whom can easily keep pace with their software products and applications. Moreover, they are expected to maintain a closer correlation with the latest testing concepts. Software testers are expected to play an active role in the QA part of software development and deployment. The process entails several automated and manual tests in ensuring the error-performance of the software.

Key responsibilities of a software testing professional

  • To develop a deep understanding of what’s needed to be tested and how.

  • Compile a list of resources that are needed to perform the testing process.

  • Develop test cases and plan activities accordingly.

  • Execute the test cases symmetrically, detect and report defects.

  • Perform testing every time when the actual code is subjected to changes.

  • To carry out and repeat these activities right throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Senelda’s software testing training in chennai: Result-oriented training and direct placement

    Senelda, a software testing training institute in Chennai, dedicated to offering advanced software testing course to aspirants of relevant educational degree. Basically, the syllabus we follow here at our software testing training institute is framed conducive to the core and latest subject concepts. Also, the syllabus is developed suitable for candidates who seek knowledge improvement for career development. In simple words, candidates, both in pursuit of entry-level and career building opportunities can benefit from senelda’s software testing course. Alongside software testing training, we address the placement request and requirements of candidates by positioning them in leading IT firms.

    Why choose Senelda software testing course in chennai?

  • A neatly systemized curriculum helping students learn all essential attributes of software testing.

  • Special attention is given to preparing the candidates to think beyond the mundane process. Put another way, training is given to candidates to help them understand the products on development and business front.

  • We arrange all resources that would enable one to achieve a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Senelda testing training center boasts a large number of seasoned software trainers whom will be there right throughout the course of training. Moreover, we facilitate greater exposure by getting candidates associated with real-time projects within and outside.

  • Top-class lab facilitates to go along with diverse delivery methods, developed to suit diverse learning style.

  • Who can benefit from senelda’s software testing course?

    Senelda’s software testing course is formulated in a way to suit anybody interested or associated with software testing stream. Professionals like: Project Managers, Quality managers, IT directors, Management consultants, and business analysts can also benefit largely from the syllabus that Senelda testing training center follows.

    Senelda’s Software testing training in Chennai – Incorporating key traits for a successful career

    Here, at Senelda testing training institute in chennai, we’re ever focused in familiarizing all indispensable traits for students to make the most out of the surge period. Simply, we cultivate excellent field knowledge in students that helps them in all stages of their career. Above all, Senelda’s software testing course is designed giving equal importance to both well-established and upcoming concepts.

    To know more about Senelda software testing training institute and software testing course details, get in touch with us.

    Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic Software Testing Training 1 Month
    2. Advanced Software Testing Training 2 Months
    3. Real time project Training 15 Days
    4. Real time project 15 Days