Soft Skills Training Course in Chennai

Soft Skills Training Course in Chennai
Soft Skills Training Course in Chennai 1 Month

Soft Skills Training Course

Course Information

  • PlaceChennai, India
  • Total Students5 Students (Per batch)
  • Course Duration1 Month


Senelda, a soft skills training institute in Chennai creates a streamlined pathway to an experience which can help the employee enjoy long-term job success.

If securing a Job is tough, tougher is sustaining a long-run. Beyond technical knowledge and repertoire, there is a whole host of other personal attributes that defines an employee’s success at an enterprise level. A failure of human relation skills can result in bizarre outcomes. And, it may even cost a job potentially. Be it creating a successful collaboration or rapport, everything translates only from an employee’s interpersonal skill.

What exactly are soft skills?

It’s the personal attributes which enable a person to work confidently and amicably alongside other people. Simply put, it’s all about a person’s emotional quotient and the control over it. It isn’t easy defining soft skills using few words as it extends deep roots into a person’s social, business, and personal lives. Communication, Decision making, Leadership, self-motivation, Team-management, Creativity, problem-solving, time management and the list goes on.

Why is it so crucial?

Soft skills is now perceived as a tool to differentiate between candidates with identical expertise and education. With the competition only increasing, soft skills can really help one to stand out from the crowd. And how? Simple! Employers will favor candidates who can bring in social and cultural values to a team or even the organization for that matter. And, soft skills development can help achieve just that. Employees must able to listen, collaborate, communicate and transfer ideas effectively to promote a healthy and productive work environment. Also, he/she must contribute to an organization’s success by maintaining a closer correlation with the customer. so, ultimately, everything boils down to how sharp the soft skills of an employee are.

A complete soft skills training institute in Chennai

Senelda, now offers the on-demand soft skills training course in Chennai and prepares candidates to start a career on a high. Senelda imparts technical hard skills for students and employees to help secure a promising career in IT. By incorporating the right knowledge, we bring the workforce up in a quick, cost-effective, and timely manner. Because we believe soft skills are as important as hard skills, we’re focusing on that part of talent development as well.

We have a team of trained experts with an in-depth knowledge and valid certification to orchestrate the soft skill training course via effective training methods.

Why choose Senelda’s soft skills training course in Chennai?

Our wide-range of soft skills and personality development training courses help you uncover and attain potential for the purpose of creating a happy and productive workplace. Moreover, the course curriculum is updated in line with valuable principles that might do an employee’s confidence a world of good. Also, the syllabus of our soft skill training course is targeted at improving vital behaviors such as fluent and timely communication, team-work, problem-solving, and cross-functional team handling. The soft skill training course will be carried out in a fast-paced environment equipped fully with latest technology.

Generally, our placement program works on placing candidates in organizations based on the expertise they develop. We venture with top-companies and that certainly helps in understanding the industrial work patterns. The insights garnered goes straight into our syllabus system thus helping us stay updated always!

Benefits of choosing Senelda’s soft skill training course

Soft skill training course offered by Senelda covers nearly 12-13 indispensable topics amidst technology reinforced environment.

Some of the important aspects of the training are listed below:

  • Individualized one-to-one communication training

  • Tailored team management training

  • Self management training

  • Conflict resolution training

  • Business etiquette training

  • Analytical and aptitude training

  • Above all, we deliver training stint which holds good for leading and upcoming industries.

    Whom can join our soft skills training center in Chennai?

    There aren’t any restrictions whatsoever. Fresh graduates targeting entry-level opportunities, experienced people looking for a career changeover or personality sharpening can join as the focus remains pretty much the same, shaping oneself to be successful in workplaces.

    To know more about senelda’s soft skills training in Chennai, get in touch with us.

    Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic Soft Skill Training 15 Days
    2. Advanced Soft Skill Training 15 Days