React.JS Training Course in Chennai

React.JS Training Course in Chennai
React.JS Training Course in Chennai 3 Months

React.JS Training Course

Course Information

  • PlaceChennai,India
  • Total Students5-Students to 15-Students (Per batch)
  • Course Duration3 Months


React.js is a UI library created and developed by Facebook to facilitate the creation of interactive, reusable UI components. It has been used in Facebook for production purposes and even Instagram was completely written in React. The views in React are typically rendered using components which contain additional components specified as custom HTML tags. Compared to other front end libraries React introduced a new paradigm to the front end development.

Why learn React.js?

React.js is often compared to other frameworks such as Angularjs and Ember which is often a common misconception. React.js is a javascript framework commonly used for rendering HTML written in Javascript/JSX in its own virtual DOM.

  • React.js is extremely efficient

  • Perfect for SEO

  • Fast learning curve

  • Enables Javascript writing easier

  • Benefits of React.js

  • Provides out of the box developer tools

  • Allows faster rendering with Virtual DOM

  • Being a flexible component React integrates with any JS library without exclusion

  • React.js facilitates prompt rendering giving it a significant advantage over other frameworks

  • What does Senelda offer in training for React.js?

    Senelda is one of the leading React.js training institutes in Chennai. The react.js course that we offer are up to the industry standards and is facilitated by experienced professionals who have enough experience in the field of React.js development. We believe in providing a practical approach to students to encourage free learning by experimentation. This holistic approach has lead to the rise of Senelda as one of the premium React.js training institutes in Chennai.

    Who is suitable for this React.Js training course in chennai?

    React.js is widely used now for building interactive user interfaces. Therefore any developer or UI programmer will benefit from this program. Learning React.js could be more rewarding in the long run and will be beneficial to developers who prefer working alone.

    Openings for Work in React.js

    Since React.js is widely used across the World, endless opportunities wait for these students. In an event where you need to find employment 100% support will be provided by Senelda.

    Why should you choose Senelda IT academy for React.js course in Chennai?

  • Course material is designed to match the current market trends

  • Flexible payment option

  • 24/7 complete access to Lab facilities

  • Complete freedom to practice on Live projects

  • Training provided by expert faculty who have more than 10 years of experience in React.js course development

  • Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic React.js Training 15 Days
    2. Advanced React.js Training 1 Months
    3. Real Time project Training 5 Days
    4. Real time project 1 Month 10 Days