PHP Training Course in Chennai

PHP Training Course in Chennai
PHP Training Course in Chennai 6 months

PHP Training Course

Course Information

  • Place Chennai, India
  • Total Students 5 Students (Per batch)
  • Course Duration 6 Months


Pursuing a PHP training in Chennai will pave a right career path for students. Let’s look into a brief introduction about the PHP technology. PHP is an extensively used open source common-purpose scripting language which is particularly well-suited for web development. Easily, it can be embedded into HTML for the purpose of creating dynamic websites. Utilizing databases like MYSQL, it works effectively with several extensions which are available for developing applications. And that’s not all, it can be combined together with numerous web template systems, web frameworks, and web content management system. Also, it offers a simple learning curve which is great actually for novice learners. This necessarily doesn’t mean that it isn’t challenging at all, in fact, it offers several advanced features for a seasoned programmer. What sets PHP apart from the rest of client-side Javascript is the way how the code execution is done on the server. Generally, it takes place with the unison of HTML generation.

Why PHP? How does the future shape up?

Web development is on the rise always, and right form small,mid-sized web development companies to biggies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, BM etc you can find active PHP project engagements. Among the arrival of new programming languages, PHP still ticks several boxes by remaining a strong performer. Is it still popular as it was a few years ago? Yes, it is and even statistics reveal the same. According to that, 81.7% website around the world function with PHP as the main server-side programming language. With consistent enhancements, it very much signifies future proofness. So far so good and it will be no different hereafter.

Benefits of PHP

  • It’s very easy to find the point of errors and problems. What’s even easier is resolving those problems with the community help.

  • PHP offers extensive library support and extensions supporting additional functionalities like Graphic Design and Image processing.

  • PHP presents a pragmatic solution as it is largely compatible with many OS.

  • Greater accessibility to popular frameworks like CakePHP, Zend, Yii, and Laravel.

  • It is absolutely free of cost. PHP is open-source and you have a large community of developers continually contributing to its reality.

  • It is highly scalable and hence helps you effectuate a platform assisting future business expansion.

  • A PHP included application can automatically perform faster and stronger.

  • It’s very simple to code and doesn’t consume much time either.

  • It enables you to produce an application that is both stable and secure.

  • With an integrated security layer, you can rest assured of keeping your application intact against threats and viruses.

  • PHP comes across strongly as a tried and tested scripting language as it’s in use almost for two decades.

  • What does senelda’s PHP training course offer?

    Senelda is one of the leading PHP training institutes in Chennai. We conduct our PHP training course with a set of seasoned IT campaigners holding a valuable expertise in real-time PHP project development. Also, we at Senelda basically believe offering hands-on experimental training to students thereby helping them prepare for the challenges in an IT career. By offering PHP training course at real affordable prices coupled with easier interpretation, we have earned ourself an identity of top quality PHP training institute in Chennai.

    Who can benefit from Senelda’s PHP training course in Chennai?

    As a PHP Training Institute, we are more than happy to tutor all web development enthusiasts. Generally, our PHP training course syllabus is formulated in a way to suit novice beginners, Job aspirants and even experienced developers looking for present-day knowledge updation in PHP.

    Job opportunities in connection with PHP

    The longevity and actual time implementation of PHP create the room for appointing trained developers in real-time projects. So what we do at our PHP training institute to put you right on track securing a Job? Simple! We cover an all-inclusive training which moves you closer to success. Ultimately, after course completion, we directly position potential candidates in companies where they could explore their subject knowledge immensely.

    Why should you choose Senelda PHP Training Institute?

    What differentiates Senelda PHP Training Institute from others? What differentiates Senelda’s PHP Training course from the rest of Training institutes in Chennai? First of all, the syllabus system we follow is completely aligned with modern day updates. Classes will be conducted in a modern lab ensuring students strike the balance between theoretical and practical understanding. Also, digital way of teaching is preferred for help students learn complex concepts easily. Needless to say, there are a large number of experts in Senelda PHP Training Institute and hence a one to one attention is a certainty.Our PHP training course comes with a benefit of deploying students in live project commitment under a complete backing from our IT Training Institute. Over and above, we aren’t confined just as a PHP training institute. Along with PHP training courses, we also offer wide-range of courses with real affordability

    To know more about Senelda and how unique is Senelda form other PHP Training courses in Chennai, get in touch with us.

    Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic PHP Training 1 Month
    2. Advanced PHP Training 2 Months
    3. Real Time project Training 15 Days
    4. Real time project 2 Months 15 Days