Node.js Training Course in Chennai

Node.js Training Course in Chennai
Node.js Training Course in Chennai 3 Months

Node.js Training Course

Course Information

  • PlaceChennai,India
  • Total Students5-Students to 15-Students (Per batch)
  • Course Duration3 Months


Taking a Node.js Training in Chennai will be a right career choice for Job seekers. Lets see a little bit of introduction about the Node.js technology. Node.js is a developmental sever-side platform built exclusively by Google Chrome’s javascript engine (V8 Engine). It is an open source cross-platform capable of developing server-side and networking applications. Node.js applications are written in Javascript and could be run within the Node.js run-time on Microsoft Windows, Linux and OSX. Node.js prefers to use an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. One of the major advantages of Node.js is that it does not block input/output (I/O).

Why Node.js?

Node.js dominates the real-time Web application world by using Push-technology over web sockets for creating server-side web applications with two-way connections with which both the client and server can initiate communication.

  • Helps in scaling really fast environment

  • It acts as a proxy server

  • Good choice for real-time applications

  • Using Node.js leads to increased productivity

  • Effective for real-time web applications

  • Benefits of Node.js

  • Robust stack technology

  • Unlimited Scalability and speed

  • Easy to install and execute locally

  • Amazing performance for HTTP and TCP protocols

  • What does Senelda offer in training for Node.js ?

    Senelda is one of the most reputed Node.js training institutes in Chennai. The Node.js training we offer at our institute is imparted by highly skilled professionals who have enough experience in the field of Node.js development. We at Senelda believe in offering a practical approach to our students in order to build up their confidence which they will require in the later part of their careers. Senelda’s Node.js training institute in Chennai has established a name in the City by offering best courses at affordable prices.

    Who is suitable for this Node.js training course?

    This is a very dynamic framework and when it comes to back-end programming very few frameworks can match the performance level of Node.js. This course will be helpful for people who are looking forward to create real-time web applications and who are interested in building streaming applications.

    Openings for work in Node.js

    There is a never ending demand for Node.js developers in the market. In an event where you need to find employment 100% support will be provided by Senelda.

    Why should you choose Senelda IT academy for Node.js course in Chennai?

    There are many Node.js training institutes in Chennai. But we at Senelda distinguish ourselves from other Node.js training institutes by offering these :

  • Course material compatible with modern times

  • 24/7 lab accessibility

  • Freedom to practice on Live projects

  • Up to date Node.js training will be given

  • Economical course plan

  • Taught by an expert panel who have more than 10 years of experience in the area of Node.js development

  • Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic Node.js Training 15 Days
    2. Advanced Node.js Training 1 Month
    3. Real Time project Training 5 Days
    4. Real time project 1 Month 10 Days