AngularJS Training Course in Chennai

AngularJS Training Course in Chennai
AngularJS Training Course in Chennai 6 months

AngularJS Training Course

Course Information

  • PlaceChennai, India
  • Total Students5 Students(Per batch)
  • Course Duration6 Months


Choosing AngularJS training in chennai requires a little bit of research but first lets see a small intorduction about the AngularJs technology. Angularjs is an advanced client-sided framework developed by Google. It is based on the MVW pattern which allows developers to extend the HTML vocabulary to make the code more expressive and readable. The two way data binding structure is maintained by Google which reduces the development concerns of this front-end framework. Compared to other front-end frameworks Angularjs is an advanced toolset for building framework suited for application development. One of the advantages with Angular.js is that it is compatible with other libraries. The MVC model happens to be a real game-changer while developing web-applications as it follows a structure which is easy to handle DOM elements.

Why Angular.js?

The relatively new Angular.js is strictly a javascript framework which provides a very structured and well defined method of creating web applications and websites. Angular.js is simple and could be easily implemented by using jquery or javascript. Angular.js is also known for its functionality and it’s design of the framework makes it easy to implement MVC in the right manner.

  • Enables quick, effortless software creation

  • Improves reliability of your software.

  • Addresses the problems in software architecture.

  • Helps in creating a software that is more maintainable

  • Coders require less time in the coding process.

  • Benefits of Angular.js

  • Vibrant and declarative user interface

  • Flexible with filters

  • Ideal for Enterprise Development

  • Allows Streamline and Optimization

  • What does Senelda offer in training for Angular.js?

    Senelda is one of the leading provider of Angular.js training course in Chennai. Our Angular.js training is imparted by professionals who have gained a valuable experience in the field of Angular.js development. We at Senelda believe in providing hands on practical experience to our students in order to build up their confidence which they will require in later part of their careers. Senelda’s Angular.js training institute in Chennai has established a name in the City by offering Premium courses at affordable prices.

    Who is suitable for this program?

    Angularjs is widely used in different parts of the World for App development. People who are interested in developing mobile apps will benefit from this course. This course will also help people who are involved in Front end and back end development

    Openings for work in Angular.js

    There is always demand for Angularjs developers in the market. In an event where you need to find employment 100% support will be provided by Senelda

    Why should you choose Senelda IT academy for Angularjs training in Chennai?

    There are many Angular.js training institutes in Chennai. But we at Senelda distinguish ourselves from other Angular.js training institutes by offering these :

  • Flexible Course Plan

  • Humble Course Fee

  • Up to date syllabus set to modern times

  • Complete Angularjs training will be given

  • Lab office with modern features

  • Practice on live projects

  • Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic AngularJS Training 1 Month
    2. Advanced AngularJS Training 2 Months
    3. Real Time project Training 15 Days
    4. Real time project 2 Months 15 Days