Data Science Training Course in Chennai

Data Science Training Course in Chennai
Data Science Training Course in Chennai 2 Months

Data Science Training Course

Course Information

  • PlaceChennai, India
  • Total Students 5 Students (Per batch)
  • Course Duration 2 Months


Data Science, it’s one of the most leading fields in tech today. Data science includes the collection and investigation of data, both structured and unstructured to pick up bits of knowledge and data that can be utilized by associations to devise viable methodologies. By ordering information over some period of time, patterns can be distinguished that empower organizations to discover new market openings, reduce costs, upgrade productivity, and place themselves at a competitive advantage in their industry.

Why learn Data Science?

For all intents and purposes, each association has it and most need to discover ways to utilize it to enable them to develop their business. Because of fast technological advances, particularly in areas like social media, mobile advertising, and site personalization, an enormous measure of data is being created regularly. These data volumes have brought about businesses becoming data savvy and adjust to the new landscape or hazard falling behind the competition. Institutions both public and private have realized the requirement for Data Science execution inside their associations. Universities have reacted to this need by presenting data science courses for students of all backgrounds building up a basic Data science that serves as a practical example for the subjects covered in training session.

  • Figures out how to load and clean real-world data.

  • Helps to learn to unify statistics, machine learning, data analysis, and their related techniques.

  • It assembles and builds up own scientific techniques and procedures.

  • Benefits of Data Science training.

  • Data Science Training is a flight to a better career path

  • Works on any size of data.

  • Data Science Training is a ticket to get contracted in the top fortune companies.

  • This training qualifies you to possess the new positions

  • Distinguishing openings.

  • What Does Senelda Offer In Training For Data Science?

    Senelda is one of the leading Data Science Training Institutes in Chennai. Our Data Science course is given by experienced resources who have more ten years of experience in the MNC segment. Here, you will figure out how to apply essential programming concepts, computational reasoning and data investigation methods to solve real-world data science issues. Nearby Data Science Training, we address the placement request and requirements of candidates by situating them in leading IT firms. Senelda is one of the excellent data science institutes in Chennai. These will be complete through an in-depth sequence of subject which will present students to the pursuing data preparation and analysis methods:

  • Acquiring data through web-scraping and data APIs

  • Exploratory data analysis and visualization

  • Clustering and classification

  • Rating and ranking

  • Cleaning and reshaping messy datasets using methods such as regular expressions or dedicated tools such as open refine

  • Recommendation

  • Regression and statistical inference

  • Network analysis

  • Natural language processing

  • A leading component of this course will be learning how to use python-based programming tools to use these methods to real-life data-sets.

    Who Is Suitable For This Program?

    This data science specialization is best suited for beginners and also experienced professionals who would like to use Python for doing data science.

    Openings For Work In Data Science:

    Data Science is a standout amongst the most searched out skills in today’s world and unlimited opportunities wait for these students. In an event where you have to discover employment 100% help will be given by Senelda.

    Why Should You Choose Senelda IT Academy For Data Science Course In Chennai?

  • Opportunity to practice on live projects.

  • Lifetime Access and 24×7 Supports.

  • Top-class lab encourages to oblige with diverse delivery methods, created to suit various learning style.

  • Senelda endeavors to offer the best learning condition for Data Science.

  • Complete Data Science training will be given.

  • Humble Course Fee.

  • Time-tested practices for data science training.

  • We set all resources that would enable one to attain a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Flexible Course Plan

  • Top-class lab facilitates to go along with diverse delivery methods, improved to suit different learning style.

  • To find out more about Senelda and how special is Senelda form other Data Science Courses in Chennai, connect with us.

    Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic Training 30 Days
    2. Advanced Training 30 Days