WordPress vs October CMS: How to Make the Right Choice?

WordPress vs October CMS: How to Make the Right Choice?

Web developers or companies may most often select the services of a refined  CMS. It can be a PHP powered CMS or a Node.js backed CMS. The popularity and acceptance of many of the PHP-CMS are so vast that customers and developers love utilizing it alike. October-CMS, powered by Laravel is a hot topic among the PHP developers which captured so many likes recently.

When we consider the term PHP-CMS in general, popular terms come to our mind are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. Among the four platforms, WordPress remains as the uncrowned leader in its class. WordPress truly dominates in terms of market share and usage.

October CMS is a recent development, and we should wait for some more days to analyze its popularity among web developers and companies that provide open source web development services. Then only we can make a proper comparison of October CMS with other established CMS platforms like WordPress. However, October CMS has got plenty of likes within a minimum time and is rapidly growing big to hit the wide acceptance which WordPress has gained. Here let us scrutinize which platform suits the developer’s as well as user’s needs the best.

October CMS or WordPress

Without question, October CMS is a fantastic platform, but it seriously lacks User/Client friendliness. The platform is meant for the purpose of developers only. Clients must have a comprehensive knowledge of programming with PHP to utilize October CMS at its best. The back-end of October CMS is designed for the purpose of developers. It may appear so confusing for a normal client who lacks programming knowledge.

In WordPress, users feel more at home. It has a brilliant WYSIWYG editor which is inbuilt for the purpose of clients/users. For making slight changes in their website’s front-end clients do not have to call for the programmers help. WordPress is blessed with user-friendly plugins that are less confusing in comparison with October CMS.

October CMS is designed in an MVC pattern and is the child of Laravel which every professional Php developer may find comfortable working with. WordPress does not follow an MVC pattern and is not packaged to install using composers. WordPress is a fully grown platform having immense customer support, plugin availability, and superb documentation that ever programmer and users will fall in love with.

October CMS is not backed by a fully grown community, nor it has user-friendly plugins as you see in WordPress. But it can be used for creating brilliant websites. October CMS comprises of excellent documentation and can be packaged through composers. It offers outstanding templates and all features that developers look for at the time of creating websites. It has static tools that most developers are convenient working with.


Imagine that you are a developer dealing with open source web development for a client who needs to make editions in the front-end regularly, and the client does not have the assistance of PHP programmers. Here, WordPress can serve the client in a better way. In confusing circumstances, the client can seek the aid of WordPress community as well. If the client/user has sufficient knowledge in PHP programming and has the accessibility to a programmer’s assistance, October CMS will be the best choice. It is that much simple an equation.

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