Why choose mobile app development training for an interesting career path?

Mobile App Development Training for Career

Usage of mobiles is increasing every year and so is the demand for mobile apps. Many companies are building mobile app versions of their products. In fact, with every new improvement happening to mobiles, the demand for an improved app also takes place. Thus, the scope for a mobile app developer is very high.

However, before you decide to do mobile app development training there is something you should know. Mobile phones are divided into two categories – Android and iOS. Neither can claim complete dominance in any part of the world. Android phones are more popular in Asia, South America, Africa, and certain countries in Europe while iPhone is popular in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, certain countries in Europe.

Why should you pursue a career in mobile app development?

The software industry has started to give a lot of importance to mobile app development training. Studies have shown that over 40% of searches on Google is being done using mobile phones.

Size of the industry

The mobile industry is quite enormous. In fact, it said that the business value of the industry is said to be in the millions if not billions of dollars. So by becoming a mobile developer, you get to be part of a huge industry.

Future prospects

The growth of this industry has dumbfounded many people and it is expected to grow in the future. It is expected to leave the million range and stay in the billion range in the coming years.

Extended scope for creativity

Mobile app developers have more creative space when compared to web developers. Integrating options available in the device itself is one of the plus points of developing an app.

Opportunity to build your own app

Mobile app developers have plenty of opportunities to design and build their own apps. That is if you have an idea for a new app, you can design and build it all buy yourself.

Reasons for undergoing Android app development training

Opportunities are plentiful

The number of apps downloaded from Google play store per day is in the millions. However, people tend to download innovative apps. That means if you want your app to be popular then you should develop an innovative one.


Libraries with ready to use codes are easily available. This means the amount of actual development you have to do is limited. By not having to develop an app from scratch, you can increase your productivity.

Easy to distribute

Google play store is available for all Android mobile phones. That means if you register your Android app here, you can increase the number of people downloading it.

Resources are easily available

You can not get access to Android development SDK, but you can easily contact other Android app developers. That means if you hit a roadblock during development, you can easily ask for help.

Reasons for undergoing iOS app development training

Designing and building user interfaces is easy

The process of designing and building a user interface in iOS is easier thanks to the tools like Interface Builder. These tools are a part of Xcode. True, restrictions may be more, but the frameworks in iOS are easier to work with. Unlike Android, here you do not have to start from scratch.

Types of devices limited

The number of iOS phone models is limited. That makes the job of developing both UX and UI easy. This is not the case with Android phones. There you have devices with different specifications like different screen size and OS. The fragmentation in the Android market is its greatest disadvantage.

iOS users numbers are high

The number of iPhones sold so far has crossed 100 million a long time ago. That mean iOS app developers have a huge market that they can tap into. Android numbers may be higher, but it is a combination of many devices. When taken individually none of the devices can match the number of iPhones.

Final thoughts

As you can see irrespective of whether you choose to be an Android or iOS developer, you have a great future as a mobile app developer.

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