Node.js vs Angularjs: Which is the best one to use?


Node.js and AngularJS are both developed in JavaScript. JavaScript has evolved to an exceptional programming language which can be used for creating complex server-side applications quickly. Even if created using the same language, AngularJS framework and the Node.js platform is different in the features they offer to the website developers. In this extract we can check out the basic traits of both Node.js as well as AngularJS and ascertain which one suits the developers need better.


Those who are not much acquainted with programming, consider Node.js as a framework. But Node.js is far improved to a usual basic web framework, in fact it is a cross platform or a Java run time environment which can be utilized for the creation of other web frameworks. C, C++, and JavaScript are the languages used for the development of Node.js. It is much refined for the creation of server-side, real-time, client-side, and networking applications. This platform is compatible with all popular operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac so on.


AngularJS is a web framework created by Google for the purpose of moulding single-page client side applications. It is written in JavaScript, still it is distanced from jQuery in terms of features. Every core feature of AngularJS has the stamp of well knitted HTML tags, attributes, and directives. It is one of the best frameworks to develop client-side applications that run within a web browser. In short Node.js serves as a run-time platform to build server-side applications, while AngularJS works as a framework for making client-side applications so rapidly.

Node.js vs AngularJS : A comparison of usage

Node.js is so dynamic in controlling lively and real-time applications. Applications that enable live messaging and chatting can be created using Node.js without much flaws. Node.js Developers of various companies use these powerful modules to create web server, and hence they can ignore the use of third party server creating mediums like Apache. Frameworks created out of Node.js such as Express.js, Sails.js are rich in features and so swift in the development of server-side applications. Without question, it is a cross-platform which comes in the line of event-driven architecture, ideal for creating networking applications.

Despite, written in JavaScript, AngularJS to the prime is HTML customized at its best. AngularJS will serve you the best while developing MVC components, especially dealing with client- end of applications. What makes AngularJS extremely useful for building client-end applications is its two-way data binding pattern. AngularJS Developers in most of the companies find this pattern good for changing model views easily. It makes coding with this framework simple as well. In the creation of single web page applications, you will rarely run into an apt framework like AngularJS.


With the inclusion of JSON API, and template languages together with MVC pattern, Node.js is a big platform when compared to AngularJS. Still, AngularJS excels in the developing of single page applications, and is somewhat more fast than Node.js. Coming to creation of complex applications like chatting, and instant messaging, Node.js stands far ahead, and much improved.

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