Why is Node.JS famously used for creating a REST API?

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Implementing Node.js for creating REST API is the wise preference since it is highly suitable for server-side and networking applications. This open source framework is applicable for cross-platform runtime environment. Every application of this framework is written in highly secured JavaScript. Almost every Node.js Developer is doing wonders in this framework. In this post, we are going to experience the excellent grounds to say Node.js are apt for creating the REST API. Before getting into our main theme of this article, we shall know about the API interface and REST architecture.


API helps to build a bridge for getting the data to and fro from your application. It is popularly known as the Application Programming Interface (API). It is nothing but, a set of routines, protocols, and tools that help to build a software application with ease

The quickest way to create an API is through Node.js which is highly scalable and reliable. It is also very easy to transfer any kinds of existing JavaScript application into Node.js.

REST architecture

Representational State Transfer (REST) is the web standard architecture, which avail the best guidelines and best practices for creating scalable web services with the help of HTTP protocol and verbs. To retrieve web pages and send data to all remote servers, HTTP verbs like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE actions are most useful.

Now, let’s see on which grounds the Node.js is highly famous for creating REST API.

Prime reasons to choose Node.js for REST API

  • Numerous ready-made modules are available in Node.js are helpful in creating any kinds of REST API effectively. Event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O API in the Node.js are efficient enough to avail high scalability and excellent throughput of the application.
  • Npm acts as the manager and a command line utility in Node.js supportive in managing all open source Node.js projects starting from the package installation, dependency management and other things effectively.
  • Express is a lightweight module in Node.js web application framework. Make sure to install this module to your application, which avails a basic HTTP structure to make the REST API in an easier manner.
  • Mongoose is a MongoDB object modeling tool useful in an asynchronous working environment. It is essential for connecting the application database and interacts effectively in handling the data.
  • Node.js will integrate Token Based Authentication for the REST API, which first authenticate and authorize every user and allow them to access the web application. This user confirmation process ensures that the application is highly secured.
  • Before using the node.js based API on the client application, you can effectively test the RESTful service with CURD. It is an excellent command line utility for transferring data along with the url.
  • On the whole, it is a bit tough to start working upon your web application using Node.js than other framework but it yields you reward based upon your application.


The above-mentioned aspects are the key principles for creating any kinds of the REST APIin Node.js. I hope this post is very helpful for you to choose this framework for creating an outstanding REST API. It makes your web service development process fast, easy and agile.

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