Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Best of 2017

laravel vs codeigniter

The battle between CodeIgniter and Laravel is going strong. CodeIgniter was first released in 2006 by EllisLab. The development pattern used to design this framework is model-view-controller. However, if needed CodeIgniter can be changed to suit HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller). In 2014, EllisLab transferred the ownership of CodeIgniter to the Columbia Institute of Technology. It is mostly preferred by web developers from South Asia.

Laravel was first released in 2011. It was developed Taylor Otwell and the Architectural pattern followed while developing Laravel is model-view-controller. From 2011 many versions of Laravel have been released. This includes version 5.5 LTS that was released on August 30, 2017. Web developers from Europe and 1st world countries like Canada and US prefer Laravel.

The main question now for businesses is whether to hire Laravel developers or CodeIgniter developers.

Features of CodeIgniter

Model-View-Controller (MVC) system

Finding complex models is easy in CodeIgniter thanks to the MVC system. The use of both views and controllers helps you create applications with ease. However, the best advantages are that you can build your own core libraries to be used in the system and allows you to integrate scripts written by you with the database.

Form Validation

CodeIgniter has a feature that uses an effective validation framework system so that writing codes in single lines is possible. The framework generates error free codes.

Easy configuration and customization

CodeIgniter allows you to configure the various aspects according to the web application. Also, CodeIgniter allows the easy editing of existing files.

Error Handling

The interfaces available in CodeIgniter lets you find error functions present in the application globally. All the PHP errors present in your web application are displayed along with inadequacies.

Database Integration

Relational databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL come with CodeIgniter by default. But, composer is not present by default in CodeIgniter. This means that if you want to use a database like Mongo, then you have to third party libraries for it.

Light weight and fast

CodeIgniter is an extremely light weighted framework. The library required by CodeIgniter core system is very small. However, if you need more libraries they can be added. Due to this light weight, CodeIgniter can perform task fast.

Features of Laravel


When it comes to web application development, one of the most important things developers must pay attention to is Authentication. Usually the developers have to spend a significant amount of time to write this code. However, in Laravel has an inbuilt authentication feature. This means that configuring models, views, controllers, and database migration is enough.

Template Engine

The template engine present in Laravel can help you build amazing layouts through the use of dynamic content seeding. Also, you can use the multiple widgets available to incorporate both JS and CSS codes along with solid structures. The layout created using Laravel framework’s templates are simple and have distinctive sections.


There is an inbuilt tool in Laravel called Artisan that takes care most of the repetitive and tedious programming tasks done by programmers. These tasks include creating a skeleton code and creating a database structure. Since the Artisan can interlaced so that programmers can use the command-line to not only generate basic MVC files, but also manage them along with their respective configurations. This is the reason it is easier to find a Laravel development company than it is to find a company that specializes in CodeIgniter.

Development standards

Laravel makes it a point to follow the latest development standards. To ensure this, it makes optimum use some of the best tools available in the market like composer. Despite being a little bloated, it is cleaner framework compared to CodeIgniter.

Final thoughts

Laravel is definitely winning this battle. Thus, if you want to build a business website that effectively takes care of your business needs, you should hire a company that offers Laravel development services.

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