AngularJS is No More – The Future of TypeScript and Angular 2?

angularjs vs jquery

AngularJS Basics: For Those Who Prefers jQuery

When AngularJS first appeared, it came along as a crap. It looked like many broken pieces which have to be joined together. As this framework for Building Web Applications progressed, it has gathered a lot of followers around the world. An excellent documentation with cool examples was added to make the framework look simple and user-friendly. It performed great in learning trial apps like TodoMVC Project.

However, in case the user has only interacted with jQuery libraries before, it might be difficult for him to master AngularJS fast. It would be unfair to ignore the advantages of using AngularJS: Continue reading “AngularJS is No More – The Future of TypeScript and Angular 2?”

Node.js vs Angularjs: Which is the best one to use?


Node.js and AngularJS are both developed in JavaScript. JavaScript has evolved to an exceptional programming language which can be used for creating complex server-side applications quickly. Even if created using the same language, AngularJS framework and the Node.js platform is different in the features they offer to the website developers. In this extract we can check out the basic traits of both Node.js as well as AngularJS and ascertain which one suits the developers need better. Continue reading “Node.js vs Angularjs: Which is the best one to use?”