Node.js vs Vert.x – Which Scales High on Performance


Node.js is a most popular run-time environment which is utilized by back-end programmers all over the world to create powerful data streaming and chat applications. Nodes.js developers find plenty of advancements while creating web applications that work with proxy, and hence it happens to be the most loved project as well. Vert.x is another project which works in the similar way as the Node.js does with some notable differences. One of the striking differences is that programmers will not get an option other than JavaScript while using Node.js. On the other hand Vert.x permits developers to use Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby codes. Here we can do the analysis of the performances and other major facets promoted by these flourishing platforms. Continue reading “Node.js vs Vert.x – Which Scales High on Performance”

Node.js Vs Python – Where To Use & Where Not?

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When it comes to back-end website development, a developer will easily find a handful of refined programming languages.  PHP, Python, C++ , and Java are languages that play a crucial part in the development of websites. Having said that, there are web development companies and developers who initiate the creation of websites and applications without any proper planning or a definite structure. Here, they can seek out the assistance of frameworks. PHP powers some exceptional frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, cake, Yii and so on to help programmers at this point. In short, the choices available for developers to create websites and applications are a lot many. Continue reading “Node.js Vs Python – Where To Use & Where Not?”

Why is Node.JS famously used for creating a REST API?

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Implementing Node.js for creating REST API is the wise preference since it is highly suitable for server-side and networking applications. This open source framework is applicable for cross-platform runtime environment. Every application of this framework is written in highly secured JavaScript. Almost every Node.js Developer is doing wonders in this framework. In this post, we are going to experience the excellent grounds to say Node.js are apt for creating the REST API. Before getting into our main theme of this article, we shall know about the API interface and REST architecture. Continue reading “Why is Node.JS famously used for creating a REST API?”

Node.js Version 8: New Features and Fixes


Node.Js was originally created by Ryan Dahl in 2009. Dahl basically created Node.js to bring more efficiency in the javascript engine of the web browser. Since it’s inception thirteen years ago, it has gone through various upgrades and Node.js development companies have always tried to improve and bring about changes.The latest version of Node.js have finally been announced on may 30th after some delay. Having a codename called ‘Carbon’ this version of Node.js will provide long-term support in October 2017 and will be maintained till December 31st, 2019. Continue reading “Node.js Version 8: New Features and Fixes”

Node.js vs Vert.x – Part 2 : A Detailed Investigation

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What is It All About?

Before comparing any server frameworks or programming languages, it is crucial to give a short definition for each. Popular Node.js is a server side platform created on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine (so-called V8 Engine). More details can be found in its official documentation. We will just add that this is a comfortable open source, cross-platform runtime environment for creating and managing networking apps. It applies JavaScript, and can be run on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Continue reading “Node.js vs Vert.x – Part 2 : A Detailed Investigation”