AngularJS is No More – The Future of TypeScript and Angular 2?

angularjs vs jquery

AngularJS Basics: For Those Who Prefers jQuery

When AngularJS first appeared, it came along as a crap. It looked like many broken pieces which have to be joined together. As this framework for Building Web Applications progressed, it has gathered a lot of followers around the world. An excellent documentation with cool examples was added to make the framework look simple and user-friendly. It performed great in learning trial apps like TodoMVC Project.

However, in case the user has only interacted with jQuery libraries before, it might be difficult for him to master AngularJS fast. It would be unfair to ignore the advantages of using AngularJS: Continue reading “AngularJS is No More – The Future of TypeScript and Angular 2?”

AngularJS 2 Vs Aurelia: A close comparison between the two futuristic frameworks

AngularJS 2 vs Aurelia

The call for responsive sites has been progressively increasing due to the fact that, easy accessibility of information is what everyone is up to. And finding the right technical component to achieve one was certainly found to be a stiff challenge.

However, SPA (Single page application) was decently successful in filling the void. The manifold valuable advantages of SPA is definitely the topmost reason for many ones to go for it.

The next pertinent question which arises when SPA becomes the subject of discussion is, what’s the framework that goes well with SPA?. The answer would be Angular 1, React, Durandal and much more to follow. But two frameworks which have been creating more of an interest nowadays is Angular 2 and Aurelia. Continue reading “AngularJS 2 Vs Aurelia: A close comparison between the two futuristic frameworks”

How Distinct is AngularJS from jQuery?

angularjs vs jquery

AngularJS and jQuery are terms used simultaneously when we consider the development of websites, especially front-end website development. Web developers find jQuery as the finest thing having a low entry barrier. jQuery is the best platform to deal with DOM elements. It works well with IE and has the assistance of AJAX. There is no question in the fact that jQuery is excellent in many aspects, but while deploying bigger applications it loses the independent nature. Web developers will feel a lag in many things that jQuery fails to handle alone. Here comes the need to Hire an AngularJS Developer of excellent quality. Both these platforms have their foundation stone laid at the very heart of Java. Still, Angular.js is advanced and distinct from jQuery in many facets. Continue reading “How Distinct is AngularJS from jQuery?”

AngularJS vs Vue.js: A general comparison between two contemporary frameworks


Over the years, web development arena has witnessed various new developments. New
types of frameworks are on the rise constantly. As you can guess, frameworks are developed and improvised in a way, to hold the competitive advantage over counterparts. In the present-day context, AngularJS Development has taken over greatly. But at the same time, you can’t rule out other frameworks too. In a limited period of time, Vue.js has done overwhelmingly well in every possible aspect. The rising popularity has made Vue.js, a serious contender to consider. Continue reading “AngularJS vs Vue.js: A general comparison between two contemporary frameworks”

Why AngularJS is highly popular?

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Overview of AngularJS

An open-source web application framework like AngularJS, which is written in JavaScript and maintained by Google, is famously used in the development of single page applications(SPA). These single page applications are web applications or websites that very well suit on a single web page, giving a smooth user experience. By providing the best of services using AngularJS framework, Agriya has built a high reputation for itself. Though AngularJS is known to have a steep learning curve, it remains to be popular amongst developers for several reasons. Once a significant amount of time is spent on mastering AngularJS, development and testing of applications would become simpler. Continue reading “Why AngularJS is highly popular?”

Why do We Suggest AngularJS for your Next Web app?

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Introduced by Google in 2009, AngularJS marks one of the most popular javascript frameworks as of now. However, the whole concept of the same is nothing other than the simplification and structuring of the JavaScript code. Also, it facilitates AngularJS Developers; it eliminates extra source code and maintains the overall code integrity. Even though we are equally blessed and cursed with the abundance of choices, AngularJS stays at top of the chart; all because it is simplified and very easy to work on.  Above all, many prominent websites such as Gmail, Walmart, Netflix, Paypal etc have already adopted AngularJS. In this document, we introduce to the unique benefits of using AngularJS for your next app development scenario.

AngularJS – Conceptual Overview

Before you get so deep into AngularJS-base app or web development, there are few basic concepts you should be aware about.

● Instructions to extend HTML attributes
● Expressions to attach data into HTML
● Control variable using Scope
● Two-way data binding
● HTML rendering
● Handling event and errors
● Unit testing
● Controllers
● Services
● Routing

What Makes AngularJS Better than Other Frameworks?

We-Agriya as one of the prominent AngularJS development Company has always been excited to work with the Angular framework. We have deployed many premium products recently, and we have utilized the best of Angular to bring relevance and value to our efforts. Below mention some of the core benefits of using AngularJS.

Free of MVP Issues

It is a regular procedure that you split up your app into MVP components and then further stitch it back with the code. With AngularJS, you have got a much efficient system; you can split the components and the framework will take care of the rest. In fact, it’s more like a pipeline that connects these components.

MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture

 Implementing MVC as it is, is not how the AngularJS framework works.  Rather, it is close enough to MVVM (Model-view-view-model) architecture. This architecture plays an integral role in application design and development process.

Optimized Development Workflow

Design development workflow is critically important in the web app development process. When working with AngularJS you need not have to be concerned about HTML/CSS markup. In fact, you can add markup without breaking an application. And it isn’t necessary to rearrange the code, but you can move elements within the source code.

Write Less Code

One of the most admirable things about AngularJS is, it reduces coding possibilities substantially. In the Angular framework, data models are simpler to write and need no getters or setters. Also, You can easily modify the data by utilizing filters, without modifying controllers.

Two-way Data Binding

This amazing concept in AngularJS provides the projection of models to the application view; which makes the projection to be seamless, also, it requires only minor efforts from developers. Besides, There is no need for fresh cycles for the view and model.

Broad Community Support

The community of AngularJS users is absolutely incredible; for it delivers options for both developers and clients. Developers can easily fix the issues and clients can choose development teams as well.

Looking to Hire the Best AngularJS developers in the Market?

To hire an AngularJS developer or even an organization needs great attention. In fact, you should consider a multitude of factors including their track record, references and more. Agriya- one of the leading AngularJS developers in India, has impeccable experience in deploying full-fledged mobile as well as web applications. Above all, they implement a unique development strategy, that focuses on user experience, performance, and maximum business adaptability.