How Distinct is AngularJS from jQuery?

angularjs vs jquery

AngularJS and jQuery are terms used simultaneously when we consider the development of websites, especially front-end website development. Web developers find jQuery as the finest thing having a low entry barrier. jQuery is the best platform to deal with DOM elements. It works well with IE and has the assistance of AJAX. There is no question in the fact that jQuery is excellent in many aspects, but while deploying bigger applications it loses the independent nature. Web developers will feel a lag in many things that jQuery fails to handle alone. Here comes the need to Hire an AngularJS Developer of excellent quality. Both these platforms have their foundation stone laid at the very heart of Java. Still, Angular.js is advanced and distinct from jQuery in many facets.


The basic difference between Angular and jQuery is simple: Angular.js is a framework and jQuery is a library. jQuery can be plugged into Java projects according to the use of web developers. It can be used completely or partially. jQuery basically serves as an accompaniment to your project. Whereas, AngularJS happens to be a comprehensive framework modeled on MVC structure. It has a model, view, and controller. For working with AngularJS , web developers will have to follow certain rules and regulations that cannot be violated at any point. It does not mean that angular.js is not extensible. Adding AngularJS with an existing project is possible, but programmers will have to keep the structure closely in their mind to avoid complex situations in the long run.

What Features Equip AngularJS to Maintain an edge over jQuery?

jQuery comprises of thousands of plugins. At times programmers while doing big projects often forget that which plugin is used, and which is not used. If you are using a jQuery plugin in an AngularJS project try to use it as mentioned in the AngularJS guidelines. Angular has jqLite which adds to its independent nature. Programmers can use jqLite and skip many of the jQuery plugins.

Most essential feature which AngularJS offers to developers is the Single Page Application(SPA). In jQuery, developers include all the programming codes at once, but Angular.js offers more easy ways to load templates with the aid of HTTP requests. Single Page Applications are modular, easy to control and have less maintenance. Developers can easily debug or update these applications. For creating each view of an application, an AngularJS development company has to develop a controller, module, CSS file and HTML template.

Another astonishing feature which Angular.js provide to the webmasters is the two-way data binding process. DOM serves as the data model in the jQuery. So making changes is a little bit difficult. Angular makes use of a two-way data binding structure which works with data coming in the form of HTTP requests. HTTP requests are easy to make changes. In comparison, jQuery has $(#data).render() which is a difficult format to identify the path of data. HTTP requests make Angular.js flexible, and data independent.

Angular.js comprises of diverse features that you may not find in jQuery such as custom markup, reusable components, REST-friendliness, dynamic page linking setup, form validation, server communication, localization, dependency injection, and a full testing environment.

Bringing it Altogether

AngularJS is definitely better than jQuery in many facets as explained above. However, these facts do not suggest Angular as an alternative for jQuery. For manipulating with DOM, jQuery is the finest. Hence, many a prominent AngularJS Development Company uses Angular.js and jQuery in the same application. The first one to deal with structure and the latter to deal with DOM manipulations.

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