7 Best JavaScript Frameworks for 2015

javascript frameworks

JavaScript framework is the latest buzz word among the today’s web development companies and Web Developers for creating their web application with less effort. There are numerous JavaScript frameworks, each one has its own significance in developing an excellent web application.

All you need is a proven and high-end JavaScript framework which suits your web application. Today, we shall discuss 7 best JavaScript frameworks for 2015 starting from its existence, benefits, way of working and till kinds of projects which highly suits well.


Being the old framework released in 2009, AngularJS is the best ever JavaScript framework which is highly suitable for any kinds of the web application. Its prominence gained the traction among the millions of creative developers’ community.

Exclusive use of MVC design pattern, high-end functionality, valuable dependency injection and extended use of directives are the driven factors which make most of the developers to plunge into this framework.


In 2010, Backbone.js, come out with an epidemic introduction as a lightweight MVC framework instead of hefty ExtJS. The popularity of this framework faces a swift growth among the developers. It is a perfect match for creating a complex project with more flexibility.

You can get a complete support from this framework to build your flexible web application. The RESTful JSON interface and its Model, Collection and view object helps to give a perfect structure to your web application.


Meteor.js is one such JavaScript framework where the developers commit themselves to create a full-fledged real-time web application with ease. This framework takes a complete care of both front-end and back-end web and mobile application.

The simplest thing about using Meteor is that it helps the front-end developers to create a full-stack web application with less effort. You have to know about JavaScript, MongoDB, HTML, and CSS to easily build a Meteor based web application.


Knockout.js, the newly introduced JavaScript framework and library introduced for creating the interactive web applications. With the arrival of this framework, most of the web development companies started preferring this framework.

Its Model View View Model (MVVM), an architectural design pattern, especially useful for WPF/sliverlight applications. Its flexible library, thorough unit testing and re-usability of UI component helps to create a rich and responsive web application.


The next solid JavaScript framework is Ember.js, which is also considered as the best framework of 2015. If you are beginner to this framework, then learning is the must thing to get the basic things done perfectly. Moreover, learning this framework is very simple.

Make your next client-side JavaScript web application with this MVC software architectural pattern. Your single-page application is powered with the in-built template library to update your application templates automatically. It also has a highly flexible router to manage the application and two-way data binding tools for high functionality.


The user interface is the significant part in running a successful web application. In order to satisfy this high-end need, React.js, an open source JavaScript library is introduced by the Facebook developer’s team.

It helps in handling user interface of any JavaScript web application where the data in it changes over the time. It gratifies the View (MVC) software pattern along with the other JavaScript libraries like AngularJS or Node.js.


The MVC pattern is the central theme of Spine.js which is an excellent JavaScript framework. It is developed from the great inspiration of Backbone.js. The major similarity is that Backbone’s view is explained in the controller of Spine.js.

For creating any modern JavaScript based web application, any web developers can opt Spine.js. It is very simple and lightweight framework, especially for creating an elite web application with ease. With the help of highly extendable Spine.js, you can use its popular MVC architectural pattern to add more structure to the web application coding.Utilize Spine.js class library for optimizing your code & modules and use controller shortcuts to retrieve data and function redirection effectively.

To Wrap Up

These 7 excellent JavaScript frameworks are highly useful for meeting the needs of your web application. Start exploring your next web application with any of the aforesaid JavaScript frameworks.

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