10 Most Popular Bootstrap Editors/Tools

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Bootstrap is an excellent front-end framework, rather an open source project built under MIT license using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the main. Bootstrap development companies receive a superior set of re-usable components, ideal grid structures combined with powerful jQuery plugins to create responsive websites rapidly. The grids in Bootstrap puts the ‘mobile-first’ design, and it is one of the most sought-after projects in Github now. A bootstrap designer can make use of some great tools and editors to customize their web designs in a better way. Here, below let’s take a look at a list of Bootstrap editors and tools that are capable of offering valuable assistance to Bootstrap developers. Continue reading “10 Most Popular Bootstrap Editors/Tools”

15 Fabulous Alternatives to Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton


Most popular front-end frameworks used for developing generic designs that facilitate rapid prototyping these days are Bootstrap, Skeleton, and Foundation. Among the three, Bootstrap handles the lion’s share leaving Skeleton, and Foundation somewhat a mile distance. Hence, we can easily find a full-grown community of Bootstrap developers. Without a second thinking, any web developer will find these three platforms ideal for handling multiple web designing tasks. However, some circumstances may compel a hardcore bootstrap designer or foundation designer to take a resort at some other alternatives in order to reduce the complexity of web designs they create. Here is a list of some other front-end web designing alternatives you can try instead of these commonly used platforms. Continue reading “15 Fabulous Alternatives to Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton”

Node.js vs Vert.x – Which Scales High on Performance


Node.js is a most popular run-time environment which is utilized by back-end programmers all over the world to create powerful data streaming and chat applications. Nodes.js developers find plenty of advancements while creating web applications that work with proxy, and hence it happens to be the most loved project as well. Vert.x is another project which works in the similar way as the Node.js does with some notable differences. One of the striking differences is that programmers will not get an option other than JavaScript while using Node.js. On the other hand Vert.x permits developers to use Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby codes. Here we can do the analysis of the performances and other major facets promoted by these flourishing platforms. Continue reading “Node.js vs Vert.x – Which Scales High on Performance”

Node.js Vs Python – Where To Use & Where Not?

nodejs vs python

When it comes to back-end website development, a developer will easily find a handful of refined programming languages.  PHP, Python, C++ , and Java are languages that play a crucial part in the development of websites. Having said that, there are web development companies and developers who initiate the creation of websites and applications without any proper planning or a definite structure. Here, they can seek out the assistance of frameworks. PHP powers some exceptional frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, cake, Yii and so on to help programmers at this point. In short, the choices available for developers to create websites and applications are a lot many. Continue reading “Node.js Vs Python – Where To Use & Where Not?”

AngularJS is No More – The Future of TypeScript and Angular 2?

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AngularJS Basics: For Those Who Prefers jQuery

When AngularJS first appeared, it came along as a crap. It looked like many broken pieces which have to be joined together. As this framework for Building Web Applications progressed, it has gathered a lot of followers around the world. An excellent documentation with cool examples was added to make the framework look simple and user-friendly. It performed great in learning trial apps like TodoMVC Project.

However, in case the user has only interacted with jQuery libraries before, it might be difficult for him to master AngularJS fast. It would be unfair to ignore the advantages of using AngularJS: Continue reading “AngularJS is No More – The Future of TypeScript and Angular 2?”

AngularJS 2 Vs Aurelia: A close comparison between the two futuristic frameworks

AngularJS 2 vs Aurelia

The call for responsive sites has been progressively increasing due to the fact that, easy accessibility of information is what everyone is up to. And finding the right technical component to achieve one was certainly found to be a stiff challenge.

However, SPA (Single page application) was decently successful in filling the void. The manifold valuable advantages of SPA is definitely the topmost reason for many ones to go for it.

The next pertinent question which arises when SPA becomes the subject of discussion is, what’s the framework that goes well with SPA?. The answer would be Angular 1, React, Durandal and much more to follow. But two frameworks which have been creating more of an interest nowadays is Angular 2 and Aurelia. Continue reading “AngularJS 2 Vs Aurelia: A close comparison between the two futuristic frameworks”

How Distinct is AngularJS from jQuery?

angularjs vs jquery

AngularJS and jQuery are terms used simultaneously when we consider the development of websites, especially front-end website development. Web developers find jQuery as the finest thing having a low entry barrier. jQuery is the best platform to deal with DOM elements. It works well with IE and has the assistance of AJAX. There is no question in the fact that jQuery is excellent in many aspects, but while deploying bigger applications it loses the independent nature. Web developers will feel a lag in many things that jQuery fails to handle alone. Here comes the need to Hire an AngularJS Developer of excellent quality. Both these platforms have their foundation stone laid at the very heart of Java. Still, Angular.js is advanced and distinct from jQuery in many facets. Continue reading “How Distinct is AngularJS from jQuery?”

AngularJS vs Vue.js: A general comparison between two contemporary frameworks


Over the years, web development arena has witnessed various new developments. New
types of frameworks are on the rise constantly. As you can guess, frameworks are developed and improvised in a way, to hold the competitive advantage over counterparts. In the present-day context, AngularJS Development has taken over greatly. But at the same time, you can’t rule out other frameworks too. In a limited period of time, Vue.js has done overwhelmingly well in every possible aspect. The rising popularity has made Vue.js, a serious contender to consider. Continue reading “AngularJS vs Vue.js: A general comparison between two contemporary frameworks”

Best PHP Framework for Developing an e- commerce website in 2016


Web developers, no matter whether they come from a PHP web development base or from any other programming grounds may nod their heads at the very first glance on this question. In an instant, they might be tempted to ask a counter question; why to prefer a PHP framework for developing an ‘e-commerce’ website? A developer will indeed get a good number of CMS choices like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, and WooCommerce for creating an e-commerce website. Then why should developers deviate from the path of routine proceedings (so-called norms) and try something drastic? Let us cross-check to figure out some interesting facts. Continue reading “Best PHP Framework for Developing an e- commerce website in 2016”

Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Best of 2017

laravel vs codeigniter

The battle between CodeIgniter and Laravel is going strong. CodeIgniter was first released in 2006 by EllisLab. The development pattern used to design this framework is model-view-controller. However, if needed CodeIgniter can be changed to suit HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller). In 2014, EllisLab transferred the ownership of CodeIgniter to the Columbia Institute of Technology. It is mostly preferred by web developers from South Asia. Continue reading “Laravel vs CodeIgniter: Best of 2017”