Blockchain with IBM Hyperledger Training in Chennai

Blockchain with IBM Hyperledger Training in Chennai
Blockchain with IBM Hyperledger Training in Chennai 2 Months

Blockchain with IBM Hyperledger

Course Information

  • PlaceChennai, India
  • Total Students 5 Students (Per batch)
  • Course Duration 2 Months

Why Blockchain?

The blockchain is a progressive technology. It is a requested back connected list data structure of pieces of transactions put away in a decentralized distributed network. In near future, numerous organizations will receive blockchain innovations for asset transfers.

Aside from bitcoin, it can be utilized for a wide assortment of uses, for example, physical assets, or voting rights, digital assets, tracking ownership. It can likewise store and run computer code called “smart contracts”.

Be that as it may, blockchain is still new and the groups are as yet investigating the ideal manners by which it can be utilized. The worldwide blockchain market is expected upon to be worth of $20 billion by 2024, 69% of banks that are exploring different avenues regarding permission blockchain. The financial related and technology firms put resources into blockchain in 2016 were $ 1.4 billion. In 4 years, IBM says that 66% percent of banks hope to have blockchain in business production and at scale.

As the blockchain business is nascent at present and tremendous ventures are made by IT and Financial majors, this would be the ideal time to learn and be part of this revolution.

Course Description:

This Course is intended to present participants the idea of Blockchain and clarify the essentials of blockchain and bitcoin. This will give a review of the structure and mechanism of the blockchain. Members will take in the significance of accord in transactions, how transactions are put away on the blockchain, history of bitcoin and how to utilize bitcoin.

Members will have a superior understanding of how blockchain can be utilized for business and how this innovation includes esteem. All the more particularly, they will comprehend like Blockchain and distributed ledger systems, Key utilize instances of blockchain for business, Hands-on involvement in introducing and conveying utilizing IBM Blockchain – Hyperledger in the local environment. Additionally, it gives the members hands-on involvement being developed of chain code in Golang deploy and test in the introduced local environment.


Improvement experience with a protest-oriented language is favored. Essentials of networking and fundamental learning of Linux command would be invaluable. Experience with JavaScript, git will be helpful.

Target Audience:

This Course is gone for professional with technical skill sets working in the IT/financial related segment and needs to comprehend the hidden innovations and get hands-on involvement in Blockchain.

System requirements

The prerequisite for this course is a laptop with Intel i3 processor or above, least 4GB RAM and 50 GB HDD Storage, Chrome (most recent form) and Oracle VM Virtual Box Version 5.1 or more.

For hands-on,

Members will inspire direction to introduce and setup virtual machine with Ubuntu OS as the customer. The itemized establishment aides will be given in the LMS to setting up the earth and will be shown amid the session.

Course Outline:


  • – Students Introduction
  • – What is blockchain?
  • – Tracing the history
  • – Bitcoin Vs Fiat currency Bitcoin – Basics Shared
  • – Ledger
  • – Key Concepts of Blockchain
  • – Benefits of Blockchain for Business
  • – Participants and their Role in Blockchain


  • – What is cryptography
  • – Decimal, Binary & Hexadecimal systems
  • – Base58
  • – Hashing
  • – Hash function – Introduction
  • – Cryptographic Hash function – characteristics & examples
  • – Jenkins’s OaaT-32
  • – SHA-256
  • – Merkel Trees
  • – Elliptic curves
  • – Public Key Cryptography


  • – Introduction to Crypto currency
  • – Bitcoin currency
  • – How to get Bitcoin
  • – Bitcoin address – Cryptographic representation
  • – Bitcoin transfers
  • – Bitcoin Vs other currencies
  • – Bitcoin Risks and Mitigation
  • – Bitcoin Full nodes
  • – Bitcoin exchanges

Blockchain – Use Cases

  • – Financial services
  • – Commercial financing
  • – Trade finance
  • – Cross-border transactions
  • – Insurance
  • – Supply Chain Management
  • – Healthcare
  • – Electronic medical records


  • – Vision
  • – Hyperledger Fabric
  • Shared Ledger
  • Smart Contracts
  • Privacy
  • Consensus
  • Model
    • – IBM Blumix


    • – Features of Go Programming
    • – Environment Setup
    • – Go Compiler
    • – Installation
    • – First Go Program
    • – How to read a Go Program
    • – Data Types
    • – Go Operators
    • – Variables
    • – Arithmetic Operators
    • – Control Structure
    • – Arrays
    • – Functions
    • – Packages

    Hyperledger for Developers

    • – What is Chaincode?
  • Structure
  • init
  • Invoke
  • Query
    • – Data models in Chaincode
    • – Storing and Retrieving data in Chaincode
    • – Fetching data from the ledger
    • – Marshal and unmarshal golang structs to JSON strings

    Hyperledger installation

    • – Hyperledger Installation & configuration
    • – LAB – Blockchain operations

    Lab – First Blockchain code

    • – Develop blockchain code
    • – Test with REST API client
    • – Example of Blockchain application

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    Course Outline

    Title Course Time
    1. Basic Training 30 Days
    2. Advanced Training 30 Days